Best Career Advice for College Students: “Form an Interview Group”

The best career advice I’ve ever received is, “Form an interview group.” When I first heard this, I didn’t realize the impact it would have in my life. Now, it’s resulted in me getting job offers from almost every interview I’ve ever had.

When I was in college, I asked an older student, “What’s the one thing I should do to set myself up for success.” Without hesitation, he uttered the four words that have changed my life, “Form an interview group.” He went on to explain that an interview group consists of a few students who practice answering interview questions together.

I followed his advice and formed a group with three other students. We met every week and practiced interviewing together. We asked each other interview questions and gave each other feedback on our answers. The impact has been profound with all of us becoming amazing at answering interview questions.

To form your interview group, find classmates, friends, or family members who are willing to meet with you once or twice a week. Then, schedule recurring meetings with them at the same time every week so you get into the habit of practicing together. I recommend having three to six people in your group. That way, if anyone has a conflict, you still have others to practice with.

In my new book, Amazing Interview Questions, you can find examples of interview questions to help you practice. I wrote this book to help anyone be successful in job interviews. In addition to sample questions, you’ll find examples of amazing answers and advice on how to prepare for interviews.

When you meet with your interview group, start by picking one question to practice. I recommend starting with, “Tell me about yourself,” since it’s the most common question that employers ask during interviews. Follow the directions in my book to develop your response to this question, and keep practicing your answer until it’s amazing. Then, move on to other questions.

Interviewing is a surprisingly easy skill to master. You just need a game plan and time to practice. You can find a game plan in the Amazing Interview Answers book. Forming an interview group will ensure you get the practice you need.

If you’re a college student, form an interview group of your own and dedicate a few hours every week to master your interview skills. It could be the most valuable experience you have in school. If you know college students, please forward this article to them. It may help them get the jobs that they’ve always dreamed of.


About the Author:

Richard Blazevich has developed and led interview training workshops for students at some of the top business schools in the United States. He has also led the campus recruiting efforts for the marketing department of a multinational consumer products company. Over the past 15 years, he has interviewed hundreds of candidates for a wide variety of roles.

Richard received an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and Business Strategy from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Montana State University.

He is the author of Amazing Interview Answers, a book with practical advice to help anyone prepare for job interviews. This book is available in paperback and Kindle formats. The audio version is scheduled to launch in August 2017.

Richard is also to co-author of Re-Establishing Relevance, a leadership fable about transforming a struggling business into a successful organization. This book is available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats.